Entry #4

Finally working on more things

2015-11-19 12:50:48 by ClideXIII

SoI finally finished Metallix vs Dark Sonic 2 and I cannot be more proud of the turn out. It took awhile for it to come out due to all the other projects I was working on. Now that this is release I can work on bigger and better things and I have a lot of animations close to completion for all of you to see. Until then guys enjoy Metallix vs Dark Sonic 2! 



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2016-05-29 12:00:17

That was pretty awesome mate. Speed was on par to what a sonic fight would be near DBZ style and loved the close ups.

Only peeve and/or nitpick. The bottom border needs to be brought down a few pixels. I could see where you were going with it but only a personal thing with that detail. Other than that it was still good action very fast paced.