What KiidGrave has been up to and new series GAME

2013-11-13 05:00:24 by ClideXIII

Hey people who are looking at this right. Yes you staying up late at night. Its me Kiid or known here ClideXIII and I am back to tell you guys what I have been up to. As none of you know I have been working on a big (not really big) awesome(not really awesome) project with some other animators called GAME. Which stands for Gaming and Anime Multi Idk something lol. Basically Gaming and Anime characters fight it out in a tournament to see who is the best. I have linked the first half of the episode below and the full episode will be out soon enough. I have also started a gaming channel with a good friend of mine and so far its been fun to make videos and scare myself half to death lol. I will also link that below for your enjoyment. As for other projects I will be coming out with more practice animations and my own series called New World that you guys should stay tuned for. Anyone Newgrounders I hope you guys keep up with me because you might miss out on some epic shit! - Kiid



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